Actually, Good (Bondi Festival) [Sydney]
Actually, Good (Bondi Festival) [Sydney]

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Sunday July 2, 2023
7:00 PM


Bondi Pavilion, Seagull Cabaret Hall
Queen Elizabeth Drive
Sydney, New South Wales 2026

Auslan Interpreter/s

Isabella Haigh

Language/ Cultural Consultant


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Gillian Cosgriff is an award-winning musical comedian, actor, writer, composer and self-confessed pessimist. In Actually, Good she makes her long-awaited return to comedy (after three years starring in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child), with her hilarious original songs, killer stand-up, and a big book of things that are actually good.

In 2022 she started asking people what they like. Specifically for lists of ten likes, with number one as something they loved – something they considered to be the very best the human experience has to offer. The answers were simple and complex and hilarious and sad and beautiful. Cloves. Fancy hotel foyers. Stairs of perfectly adequate depth and length. A spontaneous mid-week pub visit. When you have a crush on someone and you find out from a third party that they have enquired about you. Seeing a cow and yelling, “COW!” Gill’s always identified as a pessimist, but only for practical reasons. Hope can be a dangerous commodity and should be rationed out like expensive perfume – just a tiny spritz for special occasions.

Now it turns out she might have a secret optimist trapped inside her. Gross. This is a show about stuff you like – all the little things that make the big hard things manageable – and pointing at the bits of the world that make you want to yell, “Oh WOW! Look at this! Isn’t it GREAT?!”


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