Alluvium (YIRRAMBOI) [Melbourne]
Alluvium (YIRRAMBOI) [Melbourne]

Event Information


Friday May 5, 2023
6:00 PM


Meat Market
3 Blackwood Street
North Melbourne,

Auslan Interpreter/s

Celeste Di Pietro & Amber Richardson

Language/ Cultural Consultant


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Sometime in the near future, being tinkered and tweaked away, there are beings of Primordial elements from the land, fused with the minerals that have been contained for so long – forming sci fi fairies and organic automatons.

A biopunk drag cabaret show set in the Bioship, a craft of phtyo-technology, taking you through Alluvium. Alluvium, a retro-futuristic glance at the healing processes of ‘the era AD’ (After Decolonisation). As Western sci-fi and speculative fiction continually displaces and/or erases First Nations people, Alluvium disrupts this utopian/dystopian colonial dream. Reiterating the transcendent scifi/fantasy narratives within Blackfulla history to reclaim the genre’s tropes.

Touching on transhumanism and cyberspaces and the connection between blak sexuality and blak queerness, the show follows the fairies and automatons, awakening after decolonisation, and following healing roles set in place, reclaiming the remaining materials, mined from the earth, that were used to create colonial havens – both cyber and physical.

Alluvium is recommended for an 15+ audience.

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