Anna Piper Scott (Fringe World) [Perth]
Anna Piper Scott (Fringe World) [Perth]

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Friday February 16, 2024
9:15 PM


Pleasure Garden
Russell Square,
Perth, Western Australia 6003

Auslan Interpreter/s

Danielle Pritchard

Language/ Cultural Consultant


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Are you ready for the most relatable show you’ve ever seen from a polyamorous autistic ADHD trans lesbian? Does it help if we tell you about all the awards she’s won? What about all the rave reviews?

Fresh from the Edinburgh Fringe, Anna Piper Scott is ready to hit the mainstream.  Subversive, transgressive, biting and still absolutely not-at-all-too-confronting. Get ready for spicy takes on topics we’ve all thought about – sex, love, friendship, public transport, crime shows, acid trips, the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, discovering that your partner might be a boy. We’ve all been there!

A queer show for straight people. A straight show for queer people.

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