Hit n Hope: A Character Cabaret (Adelaide Fringe) [Adelaide]
Hit n Hope: A Character Cabaret (Adelaide Fringe) [Adelaide]

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Saturday March 9, 2024
8:30 PM


Henry’s Table at Ayers House
288 North Terrace
Adelaide, South Australia 5000

Auslan Interpreter/s

Christabel Cresdee

Language/ Cultural Consultant


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Steph, Nic and Tess are all about men. They don’t adore them; in fact they’ve had quite enough, thank you. So why do they keep running towards them? Is it because these guys are elegant, smart, muscular, emotionally communicative and have great relationships with their mothers? No. No it’s not.

Celebrate singledom and female empowerment by reflecting on some of the duds we’ve all dated: f**k boys, real estate agents from QLD, boys with arts degrees, incels, and that guy who was old enough to be your dad’s dad.

Join us for the ultimate night jam-packed with character comedy, original music and killer dance routines. Because the dating pool right now is as empty as an attic covered in cobwebs, and we’re not here to f**k spiders.

“Outstanding and innovative” Broden Kelly, Aunty Donna

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