HOW TO LIVE – Q and A (RISING) [Melbourne]

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Sunday June 5, 2022
5:00 PM


Federation Square
Melbourne, VIC 3000

Auslan Interpreter/s

Marc Ethan

Language/ Cultural Consultant


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Emmy award-winning filmmaker and artist Lynette Wallworth brings her renowned storytelling skills to the stage in a surprising new work that sheds light on the seduction of cultish extremism. It’s a story she had never planned to tell, mainly because in it she plays the central character.

As implausible conspiracies like QAnon gripped millions around the world; and a team of charismatic self-styled prophets, the Evangelical Advisory Board, advised Donald Trump throughout his presidency, Wallworth saw a chapter from her past come rushing into the present.

Using her artworks as touchstones, Wallworth navigates a young woman’s slippage into a shared belief system that divides and polarises. HOW TO LIVE (After You Die) upholds the voice of an artist in her prime, while pointing to the plethora of extremist influences that can manipulate and mould us, unless we find our way back to the creation of our own story.

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