Jeanette Winterson | LIFE AND MARS: The Future of Human (VIVID) [Sydney]
Jeanette Winterson | LIFE AND MARS: The Future of Human (VIVID) [Sydney]

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Saturday June 3, 2023
4:00 PM


Sydney Town Hall
483 George Street
Sydney, NSW

Auslan Interpreter/s

Marnie Van Vliet & Yasmin Dandachi

Language/ Cultural Consultant


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There are few writers that can skip between AI and transhumanism, religion, art, love and feminism with as much warmth and wit as Jeanette Winterson. Don’t miss the chance to hear from a “master of her material” (Vanity Fair) and “the best living writer in this language… in her hands, words are fluid, radiant and humming” (Evening Standard UK).

Jeanette has always questioned the way of things. A beloved, prolific iconoclast and delightful raconteur, she isn’t afraid of crossing the line or ruffling feathers. Renowned for her queer seminal debut Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit and landmark novels like The Passion, Sexing the Cherry and Written on the Body, Jeanette has recently turned her attention to the big questions: how did we get here and where might we go next? Her latest collection of essays 12 Bytes explores the evolution of humanity, the impact of AI and what nature has meant historically and socially.

In an energetic address to be followed by a moderated interview with Richard Fidler, Jeanette will also draw on her own unconventional, fraught and (in hindsight) hilarious upbringing to reflect on questions of identity, sexuality, religion and nature versus nurture.

She will prod, provoke and challenge your ideas of nature, all while making you laugh as you fall in love with her unique and fascinating way of seeing the world.

Jeanette Winterson appears at Vivid Ideas as part of our Global Storytellers series, where you’ll hear from international thought-leaders and creatives who are tackling taboos, asking difficult questions and creating zeitgeist-defining work.

Auslan Stage Left thanks the Vivid team for supporting Auslan access again in 2023.

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