Land and Seascapes [Melbourne]
Land and Seascapes [Melbourne]

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Friday September 15, 2023
4:45 PM


The Dax Centre
30 Royal Pde
Melbourne, Victoria 3052

Auslan Interpreter/s

Megan Bushby

Language/ Cultural Consultant


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Leeann Preddy and Tony Dowling invite you to travel through the trees, across the sea and allow your mind to meander through all the places in between.

‘Land and Seascapes’ brings Leeann Preddy and Tony Dowling together, two artists from Arts Access Victoria’s SRS (Supported Residential Services).

Leeann is a Melbourne-based artist who has been practising for many years. She draws inspiration from Australian Landscape images using references such as photographic books and Australian art history books.  She also uses memory and personal experiences to develop her work. Leeann grew up in the bush on rainforest properties and learned a lot about plants and wildlife as a child. There are so many different species of gumtrees and they are all unique in their own beautiful way. Through these works she hopes to capture the way they are…every tree is different, like every human is different.

“I think it’s my therapy, it takes me out of my thoughts and into the zone of what I’m drawing.”

For Tony, art is also therapeutic, an exercise involving learning and expression. He paints landscapes from reference books and pictures in magazines and is exploring adding fine detail into his paintings. He spent his early manhood surfing the West Coast of Victoria and his great love of the ocean is reflected in his works exploring the beauty of land, sea and sky. “I am really learning to appreciate my own art.”

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