Music: Count Us In – Celebration Day 2019 [Melbourne]
Music: Count Us In - Celebration Day 2019 [Melbourne]

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Thursday November 7, 2019
12:00 PM

Auslan Interpreter/s

Amber Richardson

Language/ Cultural Consultant


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Music: Count Us In exists to advocate for and celebrate music in Australian schools.

Music: Count Us In (MCUI) is Australia’s largest school initiative. It is the education program of Music Australia, working with partners around the country to support music in schools. Its genesis was in the 2005 Australian Government National Review of School Music Education which found a lack of music education in schools. MCUI is supported by the Australian Government up until the end of 2020, funded through the Department of Education and Training.

MCUI plays a vital role in fostering music education in schools, with a presence in every state and territory in the country.  It is internationally recognised as the world’s largest school music initiative, and an important part of the Australian school calendar.  It offers students music participation and skill development, delivers much needed resources and training to teachers, accesses and supports regional and remote locations and special needs areas and provides a whole-of-school engagement activity.

The program culminates in the National Celebration Day when more than half a million students sing the same song, on the same day, at the same time – the annual Program Song. It is a song written by students, for students. The 2019 Program Song is called ‘We Are’ and will involve over 745,000 students from more than 3,400 schools all around Australia celebrating the value of music education.

MCUI is available to all schools and registration is FREE. Simply REGISTER to get started. 


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