Neurodivergence: Diagnosis Normal (VIVID) [Sydney]
Neurodivergence: Diagnosis Normal (VIVID) [Sydney]

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Thursday June 15, 2023
6:30 PM


Vivid Ideas Exchange – Telstra Customer Insight Centre
Level 2, 400 George Street,
Sydney, New South Wales 2000

Auslan Interpreter/s

Marnie Van Vliet & Yasmin Dandachi

Language/ Cultural Consultant


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Join writers Clem Bastow and Emma A. Jane in conversation as they discuss receiving recent diagnoses of autism as adults, as detailed in their recent revelatory books.

In the hilarious and heartbreaking Late Bloomer, Clem describes growing up feeling like she’d missed a key memo on human behaviour. She found the unspoken rules of social engagement confusing, relationships hard and the office even harder, but learning at age 36 that she has autism made everything click, as it did for Emma, who also received a later in life diagnosis. Her non-fiction memoir Diagnosis Normal is a candid, raw look at how childhood abuse, mental health issues and undiagnosed autism shaped her into who she is today, looking towards thriving, not just surviving. Having led many lives, Emma’s memoir encourages us to embrace the people of the world who make it a richer, more fantastical place.

With charm and wit, the two, with moderator Sana Qadar, will tackle common misconceptions – especially around women and gender diverse people, who often struggle to be diagnosed as neurotypical – and explore how diagnosis has helped them make sense of themselves and their pasts.


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