OHM Festival – Obscure Orchestra: Companions [Brisbane]
OHM Festival - Obscure Orchestra: Companions [Brisbane]

Event Information


Friday March 8, 2024
8:00 PM


Brisbane Powerhouse Theatre
119 Lamington St
Brisbane, Queensland 4005

Auslan Interpreter/s

Sofia Andersen & TBA

Language/ Cultural Consultant


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Join award-winning ensemble Matt Hsu’s Obscure Orchestra, guest-vocalist Erin Fitzsimon (aka INIGO), and composers Jodie Rottle, Hannah Reardon-Smith, and Saro Roro as they explore companionship through music.

Together, they present new alternative pop and experimental works that position disability and queer friendship at the forefront. These musical companions endeavor to make this a sensory friendly event for performers and audience members alike. It features music arranged in ways that carefully consider the accessibility requirements of the performers, including light, motion, ensemble volume through instrumentation, and physical accessibility. These elements become companions, or friends, that shape compositional process and collective music making.

Matt Hsu’s Obscure Orchestra is a DIY anti-racist ensemble underpinned by community-minded inclusivity, comprising of 20+ BIPOC, First Nations, disabled, non-binary and trans artists. Challenging the pomp and formality of classical orchestras, Obscure Orchestra is regarded as one of Australia’s most respected ensembles.

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