Opening Night: Take Me Away (Sydney Writers’ Festival) [Sydney]
Opening Night: Take Me Away (Sydney Writers' Festival) [Sydney]

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Wednesday May 22, 2024
6:00 PM


Carriageworks Bay 17
245 Wilson Street
Eveleigh, NSW

Auslan Interpreter/s

Will Tapp & Jennifer Maclaughlan

Language/ Cultural Consultant


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The written word has the power to move a reader.

Not only emotionally, but also to take us away to deeper planes of understanding, to different times, and to inhabit lives we’ve never ourselves experienced. Words can shepherd us between art forms, as Festival curator, poet and artist Jazz Money demonstrates in a performance to open the 2024 Festival. Then Ann Patchett and Annabel Crabb discuss the essential light packing for literary adventure; curiosity, courage and an open mind.

Photo Credit: Emily Dorio


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