Richard Fidler: The Book of Roads & Kingdoms (SWF) [Sydney]
Richard Fidler: The Book of Roads & Kingdoms (SWF) [Sydney]

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Thursday May 25, 2023
12:00 PM


Carriageworks Bay 17
245 Wilson Street
Eveleigh, NSW

Auslan Interpreter/s

Isabella Haigh & Bettina Girlder

Language/ Cultural Consultant


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Much-loved Conversations host and bestselling author Richard Fidler delves into The Book of Roads & Kingdoms, an account of medieval wanderers who travelled to the edges of the known world during Islam’s fabled Golden Age. He joins Caroline Baum to discuss the work hailed by The Sydney Morning Herald as “a bewitching tale consisting of stories within stories that radically tilts the Western reader’s perspective, revealing a world when all roads led to Baghdad”.

Writer-broadcaster Richard Fidler is the author of several books that blend history with travel memoir and mythology: Ghost Empire, a history of Constantinople; Saga Land (with Kári Gíslason), a journey into the sagas of Iceland; and The Golden Maze, the story of the city of Prague. His most recent book, The Book of Roads & Kingdoms, is a collection of accounts written by merchants, diplomats and sailors who travelled from medieval Baghdad to the furthest reaches of the known world.

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