Ropetimes (Midsumma) [Melbourne]
Ropetimes (Midsumma) [Melbourne]

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Saturday February 3, 2024
10:00 AM


1 St Heliers St
Melbourne, Victoria 3067

Auslan Interpreter/s

Sasha Burden

Language/ Cultural Consultant


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Touching and Tying — an introductory ROPETIMES workshop in rope bondage, navigating intimacy, pleasure and consent.

Facilitated by acclaimed artist and ropeworker — Luke George (STILL LIVES – NGV/Rising 2022) – Touching and Tying is a ROPETIMES rope bondage class designed for beginners and anyone who wants to learn, practice and play. Come with a partner or meet someone at the workshop. No previous experience required. Rope provided.

Rope is a sensitive and dynamic material. It can act like a conductor between bodies where energy, pleasure and power are exchanged. A sensuous art form and a form of play, rope bondage is a dynamic relational practice that involves a heightened sense of touch and sensitive mutual listening between the giver and the receiver, as they communicate their consent, trust, empathy and pleasure to each other. Discover what works for you and your partner/s.

In this workshop, Luke will teach principles and techniques. You will learn foundation knots and ties to get you started on your rope journey alongside a strong focus on touch, intimacy, communication, pleasure, safety and consent between you and your rope-partner — building sensation, trust and the dynamic connection.

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