Smiling Through the Human (Adelaide Fringe) [Adelaide]
Smiling Through the Human (Adelaide Fringe) [Adelaide]

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Saturday March 9, 2024
5:00 PM


My Lover Cindi
2/192 Pire St
Adelaide, South Australia 5000

Auslan Interpreter/s

Claire Morrison

Language/ Cultural Consultant


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What do we really need in this fine dystopian hellscape of ours? Authenticity? Human connection?

Don’t be silly! We need quirky existential cabaret!

Why do I always cry on my birthday? Why does it feel like I’m living the same day over and over? How many times am I going to be recommended to ‘get a planner before’ I become viOLeNt?

Delve headfirst into the chaotic, weird, and (un)wonderful experience of existing deep inside your head through this fun, and sometimes confronting award-winning show about mental-illness and neurodivergence.


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