Sublime Stim [Melbourne]
Sublime Stim [Melbourne]

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Saturday August 19, 2023
4:00 PM


Arts House
521 Queensberry St
Melbourne, Victoria 3051

Auslan Interpreter/s

Kellie Harman Amber & Richardson

Language/ Cultural Consultant


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An exhibition of film, music, puppetry and installations celebrating Autistic culture, stim vocabulary and the beauty of neurodiversity. 

Do you enjoy popping bubble wrap? Ever find yourself twirling your hair or drumming your fingers? Then you have been sensory seeking in a process-based way. 

Although all people sensory seek, the practice of developing this as a repetitive action for self-regulation and comfort is more pronounced in the Autistic community. This is called stimming. 

Throughout their Warehouse Residency, Mishka hosted workshops, conducted interviews and collaborated with over 65 people from the Autistic and non-autistic community to explore stimming through artmaking, puppetry, music jams and outsider questionnaires that reclaimed the lens of neuro-testing.  

Sublime Stim is the culmination of their explorations of reclaiming autonomy through regulating practices. A collective stim through the body of their community. 

It features a gallery of brain artworks, sound and tactile installations, the premiere of a short film, improvised music performance exploring stim as sound and much more. 

This is an event where everyone is invited to express beautiful aspects of Autistic culture.  

Come as you are, express as you feel, stim and respond in any way that is safe for you and others. 

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