The Mr Spin BAM WOW Amazing Show (NAFA) [Townsville, QLD]
The Mr Spin BAM WOW Amazing Show (NAFA) [Townsville, QLD]

Event Information


Saturday June 24, 2023
3:00 PM


Empire Theatres Pty Ltd
54-56 Neil Street,
Toowoomba, QLD 4350

Auslan Interpreter/s

Liza Clews

Language/ Cultural Consultant


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Bamboozled Productions brand new truly multi-generational show for children – The Mr Spin BAM WOW Amazing Show, is guaranteed to entertain the young and the young at heart.

One of Australia’s finest jugglers, the international street theatre sensation and film star, Mr Spin brings his jaw dropping circus skills, mad capped antics and kooky comedy to the stage. With his side-kick THE MAESTRO on piano, they deliver a funny, laugh a minute show that has the children and adults thoroughly entertained. In matching suits and bright red socks, MAESTRO acts as the straight foil to Mr Spin – except when he doesn’t.

Mr Spin’s primary schtick is to emphasize what can go wrong, and what can go wonderfully right! In this ode to vaudeville, there is a wonderful clothing routine that every child and parent can relate to, plenty of slap-stick with a music stand that won’t go together.

A quirky magic routine, a six-ball juggling saga and ballet routine. This all leads up to a finale that will take your breath away, whether through laughter or pure wonder. Mr Spin high up on a zig- zag unicycle playing a mini bass, and a one man band with drums, piano accordion and trumpet, this show is really BAM WOW Amazing! And yes there are fart jokes.

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