TOE FAI (Arts House) [Melbourne]

Event Information


Thursday September 23, 2021
7:00 PM


Arts House, North Melbourne Town Hall
521 Queensberry St
Melbourne, Victoria 3051

Auslan Interpreter/s

Amber Richardson

Language/ Cultural Consultant


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Through rich verbatim storytelling and powerful dance, Toe fai! looks at the ways our memories betray us and imagines a future where descendants cannot visualise an inheritance. 

Meaning ‘Do it again’ in Gagana Tokelau, Toe fai! picks at the complex tapestry of memory, exploring the usefulness of forgetting, the unforgiving immortality of memories in the digital age, and the necessity of procedural memory to ensure the survival of embodied knowledge.

Through verbatim storytelling Emele Ugavule weaves together a narrative that asks ‘what happens when technology enables the procedural memory of our ancestors to dissolve?’ Bringing together stories from across generations, and choreographed by movement artist Amy Zhang, Toe fai! is a timely reminder of what we have yet to lose.

Toe fai! is the live accompanying work by Studio Kiin of Kafai e he kitea e koe ni ata ko tona uiga ko t? tino e he ia iloa fakalogo ki ona laloga (Gagana Tokelau) presented as part of BLEED – a biennial live event in the everyday digital – featuring contemporary arts commissions across multiple IRL and digital platforms. BLEED runs online and in person from Monday 29 August to Sunday 25 September and you can explore Studio Kiin’s full digital work, Au mino ni nanumahere.

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