Trent Dalton: From Eli to Lola (Sydney Writers’ Festival) [Sydney]
Trent Dalton: From Eli to Lola (Sydney Writers' Festival) [Sydney]

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Saturday May 25, 2024
12:00 PM


Carriageworks Bay 17
245 Wilson Street
Eveleigh, NSW

Auslan Interpreter/s

Will Tapp & Isabella Haigh

Language/ Cultural Consultant


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Trent Dalton has captured readers with books like Boy Swallows Universe and All Our Shimmering Skies.

His storytelling voice and compelling characters cement him as a mainstay of Australian literature. His new novel, Lola in the Mirror is a darkly funny, and beautiful story of life, death and a country neck-deep in a national housing crisis. Join Trent as he discusses his process of writing the intricacies of the real world, and real people, onto the page. A supremely compelling and entertaining speaker, Trent will be in conversation with Cassie McCullagh.

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