Wisdom of the Ages (SWF) [Sydney]
Wisdom of the Ages (SWF) [Sydney]

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Sunday May 28, 2023
12:00 PM


245 Wilson Street
Eveleigh , NSW 2015

Auslan Interpreter/s

Isabella Haigh & Marnie VanVliet

Language/ Cultural Consultant


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How can we apply the wisdom of the ages to modern living? This is the question at the heart of new books by Worimi storyteller Paul Callaghan and journalist and author Brigid Delaney. Paul’s The Dreaming Path: Indigenous Thinking to Change Your Life reveals the power of Indigenous spirituality as a deep source of contentment and wellbeing, while Brigid’s Reasons Not to Worry examines how ancient Stoic principles can help us regain a sense of agency and tranquillity. See them in conversation with Ailsa Piper.

Auslan Stage Left extends thanks to Sydney Writers’ Festival for ongoing support of Auslan access! 

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