Zaffé (Melbourne Fringe) [Melbourne]
Zaffé (Melbourne Fringe) [Melbourne]

Event Information


Thursday October 12, 2023
8:00 PM


Malthouse Theatre
113 Sturt Street
Southbank, Victoria 3006

Auslan Interpreter/s

Kellie Harman & TBA

Language/ Cultural Consultant


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here’s to the ways we scrape together a party
from shredded streamers
and shattered furniture
the ways we turn bomb shelters
into dance floors
and disappointments
into a futureStep through a portal into an abandoned building in Beirut. Tangled knots of power cables and battery-operated candles mark your path. Fluorescent flowers bloom in the dust. There is dancing, singing, ululation, wedding games, gossip, and long-distance video calls, but something is missing.

Featuring Arabic-language covers of pop songs, underground techno music, and the beautiful melodies we know from home, ‘Zaffé’ is an open-hearted celebration hosted by young artists from the Middle Eastern diaspora.

How does this generation attempt to commemorate what is lost through migration and the passing of time? Together, we will throw a party: to create in the face of loss, root ourselves in history, express our resilience, provide for one another, and help each other heal.

This project received Cash to Create through the Fringe Fund, with thanks to the Pulse Giving Circle.

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