Join Auslan Stage Left

Auslan Stage Left is committed to providing the highest quality theatre interpreting to the Deaf community around Australia. We work closely with both Produces, directors, event managers, Auslan Interpreters, and a specially assigned Deaf consultant (when applicable) to deliver an immersive, engaging and accessible theatre experience.

If you are an interpreter or member of the Deaf community and are interested in working with Auslan Stage Left, please contact us at Previous experience working in theatre is beneficial but not essential.

Auslan Stage Left is a national organisation and therefore, we welcome expressions of interest from all states and territories.

Our interpreters have worked with hilarious comedians at the MICF. 

We are committed to working towards improved access to the arts for the Deaf community. 

We are dedicated to the interpreting profession and we provide training opportunities for interpreters who work in theatre, comedy and more! 

We work alongside Deaf consultants to ensure a true Auslan experience is delivered to Deaf patrons.

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