Video Translation

Need your video to be translated into Auslan?

Auslan Stage Left can produce Auslan translations for video. These may be for interviews, announcements, information videos, promotion and marketing materials, website content, and much more. We use Deaf translators, or Auslan Interpreters with formal translation qualifications.

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Some videos we produced

Australian Music Vault Choir | Sia – Diamonds (voc. Rihanna)

Auslan translations by Julia Murphy

Talking in Common Podcast - S3 E14

Auslan interpretation by Michelle Ashley

Fremantle Prison, Audio/Visual Tour Guide

Auslan translation by Gavin Mundy

Shrek The Musical - Promo

Auslan interpretation by Todd McKenney

Healesville Sanctuary in National Week of Deaf People

Auslan interpretation by Susan Emerson

Victoria's Pride - Event Promo

Auslan translations by Ashton Jean-Pierre

Randy Feltface Purple Privilege - Promo

Auslan interpretation by Kirri Dangerfield

Hamilton Brisbane - Promo

Auslan interpretation by Mike Webb

Alice Cotton - Sleeping Dogs ft.

Auslan interpretation by Susan Emerson

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