A Body at Work [Melbourne]
A Body at Work [Melbourne]

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Friday February 2, 2024
7:30 PM


La Mama Theatre
205 Faraday Street
Carlton, Victoria 3053

Auslan Interpreter/s

Nicole McRae

Language/ Cultural Consultant


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The debut solo show from queer artist and sex worker Frankie van Kan exploring what it means to be A Body at Work in the adult industry.

Serial nudist, Frankie van Kan (AKA Frankie Valentine—Stripped Queer, Club Briefs, Baby Got Back, Seen & Heard Cabaret) achieves the improbable task of exposing more of herself than ever before, in this deeply intimate piece of confessional theatre. Directed by Maude Davey, A Body at Work is the tale of a queer woman’s sixteen years—and counting, in the sex industry.

Beginning in a strip club, with insightfully refreshing antics of strip club culture and the perceived power dynamics between workers and clients, Frankie unpacks her own whorephobia and the unravelling of boundaries. As she regales you with stories of the body as a commodity and navigating queerness in this honest, humorous and heartfelt journey Frankie asks the question—will they love me at my Madonna when they’ve relished me at my whore?

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