A Four-Eyed Guide to the Galaxy [Adelaide]
A Four-Eyed Guide to the Galaxy [Adelaide]

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Thursday February 19, 2015
7:15 PM


Tuxedo Cat, Rivers Studio, East Village
54 Hyde Street
Adelaide, SA

Auslan Interpreter/s

Sarah Bird

Language/ Cultural Consultant


$15 - $23

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A Four-Eyed Guide to the Galaxy: A comedy about space.

From the creator of the critically acclaimed The Unstoppable, Unsung Story of Shaky M comes a new tale of heroism and handmade props.

Drawing on a life-long love of tacky DIY sci-fi sets and an obsessive desire to grow up to be Han Solo, Rowena Hutson is back to explore the absurdity of the human instinct to dream of the stars – when every good space geek knows the place will probably kill you. It’s an ode to everyone who has ever dreamt of the stars and come crashing back down to Earth. It’s about DIY rocket ships, loneliness, love and dogs in space. It’s a modern day Icarus tale. And it’s a love letter to the Universe and our very own spaceship, Planet Earth, made with deep affection and a lot of gaffa tape and cardboard.

Come for the spaceship, stay for the stars.

“Space rocks!” – Sometimes Melbourne

“Unusual, surprising, skilful and honest” – Melbourne Observer

“A brilliant storyteller and performer” – Katherine Phelps

“Charming” – Lucy Lawless (aka. Xena Warrior Princess)

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