Across Silence: The Art of Music, Auslan and Haptics – 4pm (The Newmarket Collective) [Melbourne]
Across Silence: The Art of Music, Auslan and Haptics - 4pm (The Newmarket Collective) [Melbourne]

Event Information


Sunday June 4, 2023
4:00 PM


Tempo Rubato
34 Breese Street
Melbourne, Victoria 3056

Auslan Interpreter/s

Amber Richardson

Language/ Cultural Consultant


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Walter Kadiki Poet
Marnie Kerridge Actor
Andrea Keller Piano/Composer/Arranger
Kylie Davies Double bass
Gian Slater Voice
Natasha Fearnside Clarinets
Amber Richardson Auslan Interpreter


Across Silence is a collaboration the first of its kind in Australia. Delivered in Auslan, Walter Kadiki and Marnie Kerridge perform a series of poems set to music and haptics by Andrea Keller.

Introducing the Art of Haptics, Walter and Marnie wear vibro-tactile haptic vests created by Music: Not Impossible. Consisting of a body pack, wrist bands and ankle bands, this state of the art technology allows the performers to receive vibrations across 24 touch points on the body by specially preprogrammed software, to feel the individual instruments and connect to the music live on stage.

Walter’s powerful poems are set to music, composed specifically with the vibrational connection as the key focus by Andrea Keller.

Alongside these, Marnie Kerridge performs various songs in Auslan from Andrea’s Still Night album, rearranged for Andrea Keller (piano), Gian Slater (voice), Natasha Fearnside (clarinets) and Kylie Davies (double bass).

The Newmarket Collective are creating a new platform for enhancing the music experience of d/Deaf and Hard of Hearing creatives and audience members in Australia. By collaborating with Music: Not Impossible we are able to bring accessibility to the next level, to one of closer integration and shared experiences.

The group is joined by Amber Richardson as Auslan Interpreter.

This project is supported by Australia Council for the Arts and City of Melbourne.

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