Audio Drama (VIVID) [Sydney]
Audio Drama (VIVID) [Sydney]

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Thursday June 9, 2022
3:30 PM


Redmond Theatre
11 Prendiville Ave
Perth, Western Australia

Auslan Interpreter/s

Yasmin Dandachi & TBA

Language/ Cultural Consultant


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Love audiobooks? Podcasts? Heard of audio dramas? Umm… Let’s change that! Audio Drama – aka audio description, aka AD – is film and television as you’ve never seen it before. Discover how AD can change your perspective on screen-based entertainment.

Join us for a showcase of ADs – standalone audio versions of popular films and television shows – followed by a panel discussion with AD experts, fans and film-makers. Discover how AD can change your perspective on screen-based entertainment.

Like a turbo-charged audiobook – AD is an audio-only version of film and television with bespoke narration describing onscreen action that isn’t obvious from the production’s audio. AD frees its audience from screens, allowing them to enjoy film and television while they’re out and about, travelling, gardening, cleaning, working, etc. It’s also fantastic for helping reduce screen time.

At this Audio Drama event, you will have the chance to experience AD as intended – as standalone audio entertainment, without the distraction of the visuals. A selection of AD clips from popular films and TV shows will be played, then discussed by a panel of AD enthusiasts, including AD professionals, filmmakers, distributors and AD consumers.

This panel session is ideal for sighted and non-sighted audience members. Delve into the finer points of experiencing film and TV through AD, and quiz AD creators about their art.

AD is available worldwide on television, cinema, online, and DVD and Blu-ray, and also at live events like the theatre, galleries and festivals (including Vivid Sydney!) but many Australians are unaware of its existence, let alone its potential as an alternative film and TV experience.

AD has significant entertainment potential for the wider community, and is particularly useful for people who are blind or have low vision as it provides visual information they would otherwise miss. Come and open your ears.

This FREE event is presented by Vivid Ideas in collaboration with the ABC, SBS, Stan, Accessible Arts, Blind Citizens Australia, the Fred Hollows Foundation, Guide Dogs NSW/ACT, Red Bee Media and The SubStation.


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