Big Hair in America [Queensland]
Big Hair in America [Queensland]

Event Information


Saturday May 27, 2023
2:00 PM


Theatre Republic – The Loft The Loft (Building Z2), QUT Creative Industries
Musk Ave
Brisbane, Queensland 4059

Auslan Interpreter/s

Steve Waddell & Sofia Andersen

Language/ Cultural Consultant


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Big Hair in America “The chance to be a high school cheerleader is the dream of all normal, red-blooded American girls,”… according to their mamas.

Welcome to Channelview, Texas, where the trials and tribulations of small-town competitive cheer really do feel like life or death. Peter Anthony Ryan’s Big Hair in America is a story of fierce competition, ferocious scandal, and a feisty mother who will stop at nothing to put her daughter in the spotlight. Based on the incredible true story of Wanda Webb Holloway, aka “The Pom-Pom Mom,” Big Hair in America will have you laughing, cringing and downright confused by the lengths one mother would go to in pursuit of the American Dream.


Thanks to Queensland University of Technology for providing Auslan access to the deaf community. Put your name on the list to take advantage of the ticket offer. Limited spots available! Enter your name ON THIS FORM 

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