Keynote: State of the Nations (Blak & Bright) [Melbourne]
Keynote: State of the Nations (Blak & Bright) [Melbourne]

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Thursday March 14, 2024
6:30 PM


The Edge,
Federation Square
Melbourne, Victoria 3000

Auslan Interpreter/s

Marc Ethan & Gabriel Kirley

Language/ Cultural Consultant


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In this fascinating insight into a stellar career Leah Purcell retraces her journey from the modest beginnings in Murgon, Queensland, where she grew up as the youngest of seven siblings. Taking us back to her initial foray into acting, Leah reflects on the landscape for Aboriginal artists at the time. From memorable roles in the play Bran Nue Dae to her roles in iconic TV shows such as Police Rescue to Janet King to Wentworth to The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart along with classic films such as Jindabyne. She also had a presence in distinctive Black-led shows like Redfern Now and Black Comedy and write and starred in plays like Box the Pony to her roles in.

As her career progresses she ventures into TV and film writing and producing, including the amazing film The Drovers Wife. As a staunch supporter of her family and a business in her own right, Leah unveils the motivations driving her. Against the backdrop of the Festival’s theme, Blak Futures Now she contemplates the future for Blak writers, actors, and producers, reflecting on the changes witnessed during her career.

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