Bread Crumbs (Poppy Seed Theatre Festival)
Bread Crumbs (Poppy Seed Theatre Festival)

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Thursday November 30, 2017
8:00 PM


Meat Market, Stables
Corner of Courtney and Wreckyn Street,
North Melbourne, VIC 3181

Auslan Interpreter/s

Linda D'Ornay

Language/ Cultural Consultant


from $22.00

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Once upon a time there was no happily ever after

BREAD CRUMBS is a warped retelling of the well-known fable Hansel and Gretel – it’s a crass and highly stylised exploration into the link between gender roles, domestic abuse and the scarring impact it has on young people.

Located in a world somewhere between the realms of a Grimm brothers fairy tale and the industrial landscape of suburban Dandenong, the reality of abuse and trauma is gradually revealed through a series of naive stories and games played out by two siblings in their attempt to survive the journey home.

In search of happiness, the two children set off on an epic adventure desperate to discover a new life – only to find that running away is sending them in circles.

Revelling in creating a dark and heightened examination of the Australian zeitgeist, devisors Ruby Johnston and Benjamin Nichol explain that black comedy is an excellent vessel to explore complex taboo issues that may provoke different thoughts and perspectives.

“For centuries fairy tales have been used to educate and entertain – yet so often at the heart of these beloved fables lies something twisted, sexist and sinister to which we tend to turn a blind eye. Domestic violence is a prominent issue in Australia and this work shows the impact, insecurities and problems it has on the younger generation,” said Nichol.

A self-devised work created by a team of recent graduates of the Victorian College of the Arts, BREAD CRUMBS is narrative told through the lens of childhood innocence dealing with uncertain circumstances.

Beginning as a traditional fairy tale, BREAD CRUMBS quickly morphs into a dark and sinister world where anything is possible and nothing is at it seems – it’s mystical, magical and dangerous.

Content warning: strong language, adult themes, haze, flashing lights, suggested nudity, domestic violence


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