Chappell Roan (Melt Festival) [Brisbane]
Chappell Roan (Melt Festival) [Brisbane]

Event Information


Saturday November 25, 2023
7:00 PM


Brisbane Powerhouse Theatre
119 Lamington St
Brisbane, Queensland 4005

Auslan Interpreter/s

Kim-Ann Lyons & Sofia Andersen

Language/ Cultural Consultant


Auslan Tickets are sold under the category General Admission Standing (we will have an Auslan section roped off Stage Right for these tickets).

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Chappell Roan brings her world of bold pop hooks, sex positivity, honest songwriting and a heavy dose of glitter to MELT Festival 2023.

Celebrating the release of her debut album ‘The Rise & Fall of a Midwest Princess’ and direct from her sold-out US tour, she’ll perform fan favourites alongside brand-new music.

Chappell has well and truly become the next multi-faceted force in pop music. Through her punchy bangers that combine fantastical narratives and heart-bearing self-reflection, the LA-based singer, songwriter, and performer, has emerged as the rare star who is both larger than life and real as f**k.

After her sell-out tour of the US, Chappell is bringing all her bells, whistles and technicolor celebration of self-discovery to Australia for the very first time.

Chappell Roan is the alter ego of the performer born Kayleigh Rose Amstutz. A performance piece where she explores a side of herself that she’s still wary of showing in real life.

Inspired by everything from Bratz dolls, burlesque, and Hannah Montana, the Chappell Roan universe is built off what Kayleigh loved as a queer girl growing up, unsure of her place in the devout Catholic world of The US Mid-West: gaudy, sparkly, fun vibes.

The Rise & Fall of a Midwest Princess is a courageous, semi-autobiographical statement that acts as Chappell’s origin story.

A technicolour celebration of self-discovery and transformation, it tracks Chappell’s cinematic journey of falling in queer love for the first time, while embracing all the messy and imperfect moments of life. Having already attracted a devoted quickly-growing fan base with tracks like Naked in Manhattan, My Kink Is Karma, and Casual, the album shows the full spectrum and depth of a girl who wants the world to be a better place.

The new LP crosses genres from euphoric dance-pop to introspective acoustic guitar ballad. From country-pop to punky new wave. Chappell shows us she doesn’t stay within the lines, but embodies the relatable changing moods of a diverse character. Chappell says, “It’s important for me to show that I’m not just some sexy pop star, I wallow in pain just as much as the next girl.”

Having opened on tour for Olivia Rodrigo and Fletcher, Chappell’s own shows encourage the authentic-self— with themes and dress-up nights providing a safe space for the inner freak to come out – resulting in tickets selling out in just hours. She’s an electrifyingly gutsy performer, commanding high-octane sing-alongs as she headbangs on stage in spectacularly campy outfits.

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