Chelle’s ‘Wait of the World Art Exhibition’ [Melbourne]
Chelle's 'Wait of the World Art Exhibition' [Melbourne]

Event Information


Tuesday May 17, 2016
6:00 PM


Gasworks Arts Park
21 Graham Street
Albert Park, Victoria 3206

Auslan Interpreter/s

Marc Ethan

Language/ Cultural Consultant


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Chelle’s ‘Wait of the World Art Exhibition’ – Exhibition opening night!

Wait of the World examines power, mythology, religion, and history. The works presented encompass contemporary issues blended with biblical history – the Tower of Babel as Donald Trump ascents, and real events blended with magical – The Astrological Clock in Prague, embodying a sense of relation to the planet, space, time and the cosmos, and its influence and alignment with the universe, stars, seasons and ourselves.

Chelle’s works use mythological half animal creatures roaming the planet to comment on man’s transformation over time – and the secrets that time herself keeps hidden from us…

Experience Wait of the World and question religion, money, greed and power.


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