Contemporary Still Life (Launch) [Sydney]
Contemporary Still Life (Launch) [Sydney]

Event Information


Friday April 28, 2017
6:30 PM


Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre
1 Powerhouse Road
Casula, NSW 2170

Auslan Interpreter/s

Rhonda Ryde

Language/ Cultural Consultant


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Launch of exhibition including introduction of artists and concepts will be Auslan interpreted.

The still life genre is often defined as the depiction of inanimate objects for the sake of their formal qualities such as: line, shape, colour, texture, tone, form, space and depth. Traditionally explored through painting, still life subjects were often found objects from the artist’s everyday lives for instance flowers, fruit, animals and skulls.1 These subjects were immortalised in paint as their real-life counterparts decayed. In this sense, the still life genre reminded people about the brevity of life whilst also teaching artists their trade. The genre has been adapted and readapted through years of evolving artistic practice, but what is the relevance of still life in a contemporary context?

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