NGV Degas Lecture Series: Beauty and the Beast – Degas and Women [Melbourne]
NGV Degas Lecture Series: Beauty and the Beast - Degas and Women [Melbourne]

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Saturday August 13, 2016
2:00 PM


180 St Kilda Road
Melbourne, Victoria

Auslan Interpreter/s

Kim Saxton & Sue Izard

Language/ Cultural Consultant


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Throughout art history Edgar Degas has been categorised as a nationalist, misogynist and experimental artist. But, is this an accurate portrayal? Considering Degas’s life and work from the streets of Paris to the walls of the salon – who was Degas really?

Edouard Manet famously claimed that Degas was “incapable of loving a woman”. Recent art history has popularised this idea, interpreting his images of women as misogynistic and evidence of the artist’s sexism. Revisiting this popular view, explore the artist’s images of women and his attitude to femininity within the broader context of feminisation in aesthetic modernity.

In a series of three lectures, Dr Roberta Crisci-Richardson, author of Mapping Degas, challenges popular notions of Degas by considering his life and work in his context of nineteenth century France.

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