Everybody’s Trying to Find Their Way Home (Spring Fling) [Melbourne]
Everybody’s Trying to Find Their Way Home (Spring Fling) [Melbourne]

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Saturday October 14, 2023
12:30 PM


The Capitol
113 Swanston St
Melbourne, Victoria 3000

Auslan Interpreter/s

Nay King & Linda D'Ornay

Language/ Cultural Consultant


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Celebrate music, language, culture and the power of a good yarn at a special live recording of Jen Cloher’s new podcast Everybody’s Trying To Find Their Way Home.

‘Bringing my matrilineal language back into my body and onto my tongue has been an enormously grounding process. I no longer identify as Australian. I’m a M?ori, Irish and Croatian settler on unceded Aboriginal land.’

When acclaimed songwriter and performer Jen Cloher (Ng?ti Kahu, Ng?puhi) started to learn about their M?ori heritage their whole outlook on life changed. In the new podcast series,?Everybody’s Trying To Find Their Way Home,?Cloher speaks with icons like Dr. Lou Bennett about Sovereign Language Rematriation and Emma Donovan about the lasting legacy of Aunty Ruby Hunter.

At the heart of the podcast is a gentle provocation to us all. What does it feel like when we make the journey towards our own ancestral languages and traditions? How does that journey help to make our occupation on these lands more conscious and embodied? What joy can be found in knowing the stories of strength that come through our own bloodlines?

For Spring Fling, Cloher takes to the stage with a panel of M?ori and First Nations songwriters including Uncle Kutcha Edwards, Allara and Breanne Peters. Together they’ll record a special live episode of?Everybody’s Trying To Find Their Way Home, complete with an array of joyful musical performances.

Presented in partnership with RMIT Culture

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