FOOLS PARADISE (Fringe World) [Perth]
FOOLS PARADISE (Fringe World) [Perth]

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Friday February 2, 2024
8:00 PM


Pleasure Garden
Russell Square,
Perth, Western Australia 6003

Auslan Interpreter/s

Danielle Pritchard

Language/ Cultural Consultant


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Adelaide Fringe Tour Ready Award 2023 presented by FRINGE WORLD

“Britt masters giving the audience goosebumps of sadness to making their heart swell with joy.” ???? Edinburgh Fest Mag

“High-end clowning, delivered with precision.” Van Badham

Have you ever fallen for someone across the globe only to become stuck in your own country? From award-winning artist Britt Plummer comes a painfully relatable and heartbreakingly hilarious work.

An adventurer, romantic, and professional problem solver, Britt sets on an emotionally charged quest of romantic revelation and raw resilience to defy bureaucracy, hurdling the intricacies of modern relationships whilst attempting to maintain what remains of her sanity.

A delicately powerful journey of storytelling, clowning and physical comedy, Britt invites you to find out if true Paradise really is a Fool’s errand.




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