Future Forums: The Genetic Rescue of our Fantastic Beasts [Melbourne]
Future Forums: The Genetic Rescue of our Fantastic Beasts [Melbourne]

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Wednesday July 19, 2023
6:30 PM


Melbourne Museum
11 Nicholson St
Melbourne, Victoria 3053

Auslan Interpreter/s

Cindi Boychuk & Gabriel Kirley

Language/ Cultural Consultant


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Our world is home to a remarkable diversity of life, from the elusive pygmy possum of the Victorian Alps to the last remaining white rhinos of Africa. Yet, many of these magnificent creatures face a perilous future due to habitat destruction, climate change, and other human-driven factors. Fortunately, scientists from around the world are collaborating on new solutions in the race to protect these species from disappearing forever.

Presented in association with the XXIII International Congress of Genetics being held in Melbourne, experts in conservation genetics will examine the latest breakthroughs in genetic rescue. Join this exclusive conversation to explore cutting-edge research into genetics and genomics and learn how these innovations can preserve genetic diversity, restore populations of endangered animals and protect the precious biodiversity of our planet.

See Fantastic Beasts before the conversation. Book now with your ticket. 

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