Guru of Chai [Melbourne]
Guru of Chai [Melbourne]

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Saturday August 26, 2017
2:00 PM


Arts Centre Melbourne, Playhouse
100 St Kilda Road
Melbourne, Victoria 3004

Auslan Interpreter/s

Dave Childs

Language/ Cultural Consultant


between $30 and $54

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Modern India, a world of cyberspace and ancient gods.

In the swirling buzz of a railway station, a young girl is abandoned and brings the place to a standstill with a beautiful song. Among the throng is a poor chai-wallah (tea-seller) and in that sweet moment his life is turned upside-down. Our Guru (Jacob Rajan) is a bucktoothed chameleon, channelling seventeen different characters and dispensing questionable spiritual wisdom as he plays out a serpentine tale of impossible love and modern-day magic.

Marvellous. You feel amazed and dizzied by this solo turn of Jacob’s. His theatricality and skill are unlike anything that we see, really. – Eamon

An Indian Ink Theatre Company production.

The show runs 80 mins without an interval and has just one character:


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