Hieroglyphs: Preserving Identity for Eternity [Sydney]
Hieroglyphs: Preserving Identity for Eternity [Sydney]

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Wednesday March 13, 2024
11:45 AM


Australian Museum
Cnr College Street and William Street
Sydney, New South Wales 2000

Auslan Interpreter/s

Yasmin Dandachi & Isabella Haigh

Language/ Cultural Consultant


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Self-confessed Egyptophile AJ Lamarque sits down with Macquarie University’s Dr Ellen Ryan to examine her insights into ancient Egyptians’ use of hieroglyphic texts to immortalise their identity for eternity.

This is a whirlwind introduction into the art of Ancient Egyptian biography. Explore how ancient characters evolved from brief inscriptions of their names and titles, into detailed records of a person’s life and career. Join us as Dr Ryan examines the upper echelons of society and takes us through the various aspects of an individual’s life and how it was commemorated in hieroglyphs.

Note: Ticket price does NOT include entry to Ramses & the Gold of the Pharaohs.

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