HOME [Melbourne]
HOME [Melbourne]

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Saturday January 10, 2015
4:30 PM


Arts Centre Melbourne
100 St Kilda Road
Melbourne, VIC 3004

Auslan Interpreter/s

Michelle Ashley & Susan Emerson

Language/ Cultural Consultant


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Imagine our city filled with thousands of miniature decorated houses, each with its own compelling story to tell.
Following the huge success and Play Me, I’m Yours in January 2014, this summer Arts Centre Melbourne will fill our streets, parks and favourite city spots with thousands of house-shaped wooden blocks all individually decorated to represent our feelings of home.
It’s a simple word, but home can have such different meanings for each of us.
Is it where you live? Is it where you feel most comfortable to be yourself? Is it a person, place or feeling? Is it somewhere you long to be or somewhere you’ve left behind?


Home began life more than 10 years ago at the Melbourne Fringe Festival. Artist Daryl Cordell gave a group of young Melburnians a small wooden 3D house and asked each of them to respond to the theme of ‘home’ by decorating the house any way they liked. Each placed their painted houses somewhere around the city, took photographs of them and walked away, leaving the artworks as a gift to the city. The photographs taken were brought together for an exhibition as part of Fringe Architecture 2001.

To build on the original idea, between October and December 2014, Arts Centre Melbourne will work with a diverse group of artists, community groups, schools and non-profit organisations to create literally thousands of these uniquely decorated houses.


More details coming soon!


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