Jane Hutcheon on Modern Celebrity [Sydney]
Jane Hutcheon on Modern Celebrity [Sydney]

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Thursday July 3, 2014
6:15 PM


Bondi Pavilion Theatre
Queen Elizabeth Drive
Bondi Beach, NSW

Auslan Interpreter/s

Katie J Hinton

Language/ Cultural Consultant


$30 - $35

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We are fascinated by the lives of others, particularly those that seem somewhat removed from our own. The celebrated personalities who make their way across our newspapers, televisions and digital screens can inspire in us a deep and primal way. Often we feel great respect and admiration for the people we see in the media; just as often we feel disgust at the behaviour they exhibit on occasions.

Why do we look up to celebrated personalities, what drives our interest? Is our obsession harmful, or could it be a force for good?  Can we re-imagine our celebrity culture, and find new ways to understand fame and its place in the modern world?

Jane Hutcheon is an ABC journalist and presenter who will lead us through celebrity culture over the past two decades, the pitfalls of idolatry but more importantly a road-map to changing how we view celebrities. The evening will also be a chance to celebrate the launch of the Winter program and to connect with others over a meaningful conversation. 

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