Krista Tippett On Conscience [Melbourne]
Krista Tippett On Conscience [Melbourne]

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Thursday August 17, 2017
6:00 PM


Melbourne Town Hall
90-120 Swanston Street
Melbourne, Victoria 3000

Auslan Interpreter/s

Linda D'Ornay & Kirri Dangerfield

Language/ Cultural Consultant


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Join Krista Tippett, journalist and creative force behind the hugely popular radio program and podcast On Being, for a unique evening in conversation with Berry Liberman, editor of Dumbo Feather.

It’s tempting to think of the modern, Western world as being somewhat morally and spiritually bankrupt. For centuries, we have looked to religion to guide us in our moral choices, while today celebrities, self-help gurus and businesspeople seem to have become our leaders. So, how can we live connected, conscious and perhaps even spiritual lives in this dawning secular age? Where should we look for good ideas and moral guidance? What choices can we make to connect to our conscience, personally and as a nation?

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