LEFT: Long Answers to Simple Questions [Perth]
LEFT: Long Answers to Simple Questions [Perth]

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Saturday January 30, 2016
6:00 PM


The Big Top
The Pleasure Garden, James Street

Auslan Interpreter/s

Linda Beales

Language/ Cultural Consultant


From $25

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Left is all ensemble, gritty physical theatre. 6 acrobats, no solos, 12 acts in 1 hour.

Left is a fun and moving show that shares the joy of building human relationships and community and the experiences of loss, grief and recovery.

Winner of the 2014 Melbourne Fringe People’s Choice Award and the 2013 Gasworks Circus Showdown.

“This is a rich experience which attests to the hard work, skill and heart of the troupe and is a satisfying melding of the best of theatre and circus.” – Ruth Richter

“There is a sincerity and charm to the performance. The acts have a raw quality that makes the show accessible and endearing without being rough or unpolished. The humour and quirkiness will resonate with anyone who has felt part of a close-knit community and there are some great game ideas for everyday life.” – Ali Moylan, In Daily, March, 2015

“Left is extraordinary physical theatre with heart. The exemplary skill, focus, commitment and ensemble work of every performer builds a living metaphor of community. They demonstrate trust, risk, and the spirit of circus which pushes boundaries, shares pleasure in the achievement of the almost impossible and generates audience inclusion.” – Ruth Richter, Stage Whispers, September, 2014

“It’s a large ensemble piece and each performer is celebrated as an important part of a complex working unit – collaboration and co-operation win over showboating in this production. That said, it seems like everyone can hoop, juggle and balance and they’re all gifted clowns. That makes it kinda different from the usual fare where individuals are spotlighted for unique talents.” – Meg Crawford, Beat Magazine, September, 2014

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