Liveworks – SoftMachine: RIANTO [Sydney]
Liveworks  - SoftMachine: RIANTO  [Sydney]

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Thursday October 27, 2016
8:30 PM


245 Wilson Street
Eveleigh , NSW 2015

Auslan Interpreter/s

Rosemary Profilio

Language/ Cultural Consultant


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“The show makes you think, question, believe and change. I could write realms on SoftMachine and not be able to do true justice to all the ideas that a 70 minute piece talks about.” – Anandita Kakkar, And All That Dance, New Delhi

A performer of remarkable precision and intelligence, Rianto is an Indonesian-born dancer living in Tokyo. His mastery of both traditional and contemporary styles includes extensive training in Lengger: an erotic dance that crosses the boundaries of gender. Rianto’s performance for SoftMachine explores the pull between the traditional and the contemporary; urban gentrification and rural provinciality; and a blurring of masculine and feminine. His command of gesture and precision of movement highlights the complexity of these ideas in an increasingly globalised Asia.

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