Masterclass (Rising) [Melbourne]
Masterclass (Rising) [Melbourne]

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Saturday June 17, 2023
1:30 PM


Malthouse Theatre
113 Sturt Street
Southbank, Victoria 3006

Auslan Interpreter/s

Kellie Harman & Glenda Judd

Language/ Cultural Consultant


$53 - $59

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Shotgun sights are set on the modern cult of male genius in this sharp comedy from internationally renowned Brokentalkers and acclaimed New York artist, Adrienne Truscott. Hold on to your moustache.

Comedian-choreographer Adrienne Truscott and Dublin-based performance makers Brokentalkers have tickled Edinburgh Fringe, and the world, with Masterclass. Now it’s slinging its rifle, polishing its loafers and heading for RISING.

The show begins as a playful parody of the tweed-clad cult of male genius. Then things take a turn for the meta in the second act when the satire zooms in on “half-baked male allyship”. All-round good guy Fieldlim Cannon plays a blazer-clad talk show host interviewing a Hemingway-esque writer (Truscott) who’s espousing a masterclass on playwriting.

It’s a savage, big-wigged comedy that scuffs the varnish of privilege and power.


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