MICF: Nish Kumar [Melbourne]
MICF:  Nish Kumar [Melbourne]

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Tuesday March 29, 2016
8:30 PM


Old Met Shop – Melbourne Town Hall
90 Swanston Street

Auslan Interpreter/s

Paul Heuston

Language/ Cultural Consultant


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Nish Kumar returns with a stand-up comedy show for people who like stand-up comedy. Depending on your point of view, Kumar is either ‘a comedian on the up’ (The Times, UK), ‘a comedian I’ve never heard of’ (Audience Member) or ‘a very clever boy’ (Nish Kumar).

Nish Kumar is a UK radio regular and has appeared on Comedy Central’s The Alternative Comedy Experience and Stand Up Central, so you may recognise him from there. Or quite possibly you just sat next to him at Nando’s.

Nish Kumar is definitely a smart, polished and satirical comic well worth getting to know.

‘If you like your comedy to be intelligent, inventive, thought-provoking and delivered with a passion, urgency and enthusiasm that makes an hour feel like a fantastic ten minutes, then you’re going to love Nish Kumar’s show. ?????’ Time Out

Suitable for audiences 16+

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