Sense of Place [Melbourne]
Sense of Place [Melbourne]

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Saturday August 19, 2023
3:00 PM


Dancehouse, Melbourne Australia
150 Princes Street,
Carlton North, VIC 3054

Auslan Interpreter/s

Nicole McRae

Language/ Cultural Consultant


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Can our senses tell a story?

Places can become unfamiliar as people stray, as our cities are carelessly knocked down and rebuilt before our eyes. Even our home can be made inhospitable as we lose a sense of our place in it. Sense of Place is an exploration of the spaces and places in our hearts, minds, memories and everyday reality through physical theatre, soundscape, and visual projections.

Sense of Place is an invitation to our senses to discover untold stories. What place does this smell evoke, this sound, this sight? A comment offered through 3D sound, fragrance, images, and movement, Sense of Place is a surprising and witty new work, with a wonderful streak of absurd humour, which gently asks people to question their space and place in the world.

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