SET PIECE (RISING) [Melbourne]

Event Information


Sunday June 12, 2022
2:00 PM


Meat Market
3 Blackwood Street
North Melbourne,

Auslan Interpreter/s

Leah Collins & Mark Sandon

Language/ Cultural Consultant


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Coming in off the back of their dazzling feat of endurance, The Second Woman, Nat Randall and Anna Breckon have returned with Set Piece—a work that explores female intimacy through the relationship between screen and stage.

Crafted from a quick-witted script that draws on real-life dinner party conversation, improvisation and ‘50s pulp fiction, Set Piece juxtaposes lesbian fantasy with the queer ordinary. Combining the language of film with the craft of theatre, Set Piece wields nuanced camera work to intensify the audience’s proximity to the drama unfolding onstage.

Across multiple screens and an elaborate set, Randall and Breckon upend the tropes of relationship drama to mine the rich depths of queer relationships and the emotional dynamics contained within.

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