Space [Melbourne]
Space [Melbourne]

Event Information


Saturday March 2, 2024
6:00 PM


The Factory
19 Belgium Avenue,
North Richmond, VIC 3121

Auslan Interpreter/s

Nay King

Language/ Cultural Consultant


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SPACE is the name of an ongoing concert series in Naarm (also known as Melbourne).

SPACE concerts are organised by and for people with disabilities who do music and performance that is experimental, weird or just different compared to mainstream styles of music. The concerts are for all ages and are alcohol and drug free.

SPACE happens at a large community run venue in North Richmond called The Factory that has been set up with community input to be as accessible as possible with the money that we have.

(You can learn more about this by clicking the ACCESS link on the left side of the page).

The Factory is run by Belgium Avenue Neighbourhood House who also support the events.

SPACE acknowledges the Wurundjeri Willam of the Kulin Nation as the rightful custodians of the land where our concert is held. Sovereignty has never been ceded. This means that the land where we live was stolen and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island have never agreed to it, and that no agreement or treaty was made with the people who colonised and took over the land. The people who organise SPACE believe that the land always was and always will be Aboriginal land. For this reason we will never charge First Nations people to come to our events, and we “pay the rent” by giving money from our ticket sales to groups run by First Nations people to look after their community in the way they choose. You can learn more about “paying the rent” here:

Because SPACE is run by people with disabilities and are on NDIS we understand that it can be hard to come to events in person. For this reason if you need to bring a carer or support person, they do not have to pay for a ticket. We stream our concerts online so you can watch from home. We also offer to project some of our live sets so that performers can still be a part of our concert if they can’t leave their home.
The organisers of SPACE include trans and gender diverse people. SPACE concerts are safe for all expressions of gender and sexuality.

The organisers of SPACE are anti-capitalist, anti-zionist, anti-racist, and anti-white supremacist. If you experience behaviour that is not in line with our values, or if anyone makes you feel unsafe at SPACE, please tell organisers and we will manage the situation and remove attendees if necessary.

If you would like to perform at SPACE, help out, or have helpful ideas for us, you can email at or visit our Instagram page at

Donations help us put on more concerts in the future. We do not receive ongoing funding and SPACE concerts are paid for out of our own pocket. Please donate here if you can:


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