Suddenly Last Summer [Sydney]
Suddenly Last Summer [Sydney]

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Thursday March 19, 2015
8:00 PM


Drama Theatre, Sydney Opera House
Bennelong Point
Sydney, NSW

Auslan Interpreter/s

Maree Madden and Mike Webb

Language/ Cultural Consultant


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Something unspeakable happened last summer. And now the dashing, debonair Sebastian Venable is dead. His young cousin is desperate to tell the truth about what happened, even if it finishes her.

But his mother will stop at nothing – nothing – to protect his reputation.

Renowned American playwright Tennessee Williams (A Streetcar Named Desire) has created the ultimate high-stakes battle of wills between Violet Venable (Robyn Nevin), the ruthless matriarch of a prominent New Orleans family, and her niece Catherine (Eryn Jean Norvill) – the sole witness to her cousin’s shocking death.

In the middle is Doctor Cukrowicz (Mark Leonard Winter), a neurosurgeon under pressure to discern torrid memory from grim reality before any more lives are spoiled.

In a new production of this rarely produced classic, STC Resident Director Kip Williams blends the powers of film-making and stage craft to delve into the sharp heart of Tennessee Williams’ darkly poetic drama.

Using live video, the audience will have a cinematic view of the action on stage. Cameras capture and zoom in on the live action to take you closer to these extraordinary characters and inside their story like never before.

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