The Man Who Committed Thought [Melbourne]
The Man Who Committed Thought [Melbourne]

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Sunday September 21, 2014
2:00 PM


Performance Space; Footscray Community Arts Centre
45 Moreland Street
Footscray, VIC 3011

Auslan Interpreter/s

Marc Ethan and Megan Bushby

Language/ Cultural Consultant


$15 - $23

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In post-colonial Lion Mountain, a determined peasant seeks justice after his cow is eaten by a greedy dictator. An initially indifferent lawyer, much given to quoting Shakespeare and the Western Canon, is forced to commit thought about his own responsibility for the state of his country. Is it all in vain?

Patrice Naiambana’s solo show The Man Who Committed Thought is inspired by the courage and humour of the people of Africa and all those who have dared to challenge ignorance and oppression.

Patrice’s work centres on the understanding that all our stories, no matter how difficult, have nobility and hope from which we can all learn. In the West, contemporary African narratives are almost entirely missing from fictional stories on television, film, radio and in theatre. The Man Who Committed Thought was created in order to shed light on Africans who are living, thinking and adapting to traumatic times and contemporary issues. It is an attempt to combat the racism and stereotyping that inevitably comes from repeated negative images and stories of a people, and to express the valuable lessons that Africa’s stories can give to the rest of the world. The play is a tribute to all those who survive war and horror and still continue to think, laugh and play.

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